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Getting back
Hello my lovely friends. I have gone back to blogspot. Please visit my new site! :D

Somehow livejournal can no longer insert photos from other sources. I dont understand why! and thats why i switched back to blogspot. T^T


My pretty gf Cherie Tay blogged about her bad experience with the Maple clinic. Please read her entry before you try this clinic which will only ruin your face and not improve and of course the result varies. BEWARE!!

I heard alot of great things about Maple clinic and I always see queues outside the Maple clinic in Tampines. I thought it should be good thats why many queue and waited for it, right? Common sense. But I was wrong! My skin condition is very similar to ms tay. White heads, black heads and occassionally tiny pimples, they love to visit my face all the time especially during my period and I had to spend tons of money to go for facial to get rid of them. If I dont, it will worsen and it will become pimples and ya very horrible things will happen.

The horrible thing is happening to me right now. I just went for facial 2 weeks ago and I am having my bloody time of the month, all the nonsense starts popping up on my face and it is terrible. I wanted to put on tons of foundations to cover it but I realised it will only worsen my condition and so everyday I left home for work with a horrible complexion. Back to my experience with Maple clinic.

I was really excited and ms tay accompanied to me to the clinic and the lady doctor only asked me one question and it was "What can I do for you, today?" I told her about my conditions and she started explaining me about how pimples and whiteheads and blackheads come about. She continued to explain to me what are the products that I will have to use to improve my condition and how to use it. Whatever she told me, it seems logical so I accepted it and paid for the tiny bottles. But my gf actually told me, the doctor said the exact same thing to her when she first visited her. After my consultation, ms tay decided to confront the doctor and demanded her for a solution to her worsen condition. She gave her another product to try.

So we all went back to try the products for about less than one week. I started to realised I have more and more bumps growing all over my face. My forehead, cheeks, chin and EVEN MY BLOODY JAWLINE has whiteheads and blackheads. I was applying the stupid gel thingy at Genting then Boyfriend told me to stop applying it. He thinks my skin is getting worst and I should stop it now before it is too late. I went back to SG and told my gfs all about my condition. Ms tay was having the same problem as me! Thats when we all knew that Maple products are not suitable for us. Now we have chiu face instead of smooth baby skin.

I immediately called my facial salon for the earliest slot because my face is erupting with pus. Okay, not pus just whiteheads and blackheads. Right after my facial, my skin was back to its usual calm condition. But after applying those harmful products on my skin, my skin was never the same anymore. I now have bigger pores and very visible ones near my jawline and they are all blackheads. Can you imagine that? I can even squeeze them out on my own means it is very big. I never had those before. I only had blackheads on my nose and they were those that only my therapist can clear it with the right tool. My face is forever ruined and I am now still sourcing for the right product to cure my blemishes. I want to finish up my facial package and see the same doctor that had cured ms tay's skin. I think I still need medicine to stop the oil gland from being overly active. I hope I am right.

Why can't we all have nice smooth skin? T^T

And you may realised I do not have any photos to support my statement. It was too horrible until I did not want to have my photo taken at all.


Genghis and I
I am glad he is still willing to take photo with me. Taken after facial and during a ballet performance

Yes finally the weekend for our little getaway has arrived. We went in to JB with his relatives on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. We should not have went in on a PH because many Singaporeans like ourselves want to leave SG over a long weekends and it has caused a major JAM on the way to the custom.

We got over the stupid Jam and went straight for Lunch. The roasted duck was awesome and so was everything. Genghis kept on eating the remaining char siew fats. I had to piak him before he finished all the fats. gross. KSL hotel room is awesome but the checking in was horrible. we waited for like almost 6 hrs in order to check. It was due to some computer system breakdown. But whatever we still got our big comfy room. :D

His relatives headed back to SG while we stayed over. they said otw back to the custom, there was a massive jam too. -.-

Morning was a short pool splashing session. After that, it was food time! We had shilin chicken and fried sweet potato fries. its been awhile since we had deep fried chicken due to our diet. it was nice to have some fried chicken and the price for both is like the same as SG but it was in RM. Fucking cheap lah. actually the first thing he bought for lunch was the durian icecream. Crazy right? We are like some hungry ghost. Eat durian icecream at about 11am in the morning. LOL

We went to catch our second movie which was Olympus has fallen. It is a much better than show than GI Joe. After that was official Lunch time. We had Kim Gary because the first time we went KSL together as friends we had Kim Gary. I am old school so I want to have the same thing again. It feels special to me. We had the same dish but different drinks and added one thick toast. YumYum.


We headed home around 4pm with his uncle Steve. He came over and fetch us after his golf friendly match. We went to buy the famous siew pao and headed home. We KO at his house and I KO immediately after my shower. ZZZZzz.

Next getaway will probably be during May after my exam. :D Bangkok or Batam maybe.


some guys are just pure assholes.Talk to you when they are bored and you are single. Once you taken or refused to talk about the topic that he likes, he ignore you. WTF? B U G G E R!

Luckily I have those awesome sweet close guy friends that never ignore you when you need them the most.

So THAT BUGGER CAN FUCK OFF! *Delete your contact*

Anyway, tell you a secret! Genghis's mom asked him to bring me over to visit his grandparents first before going over to his Aunt place for dinner. Like OMG right?

Of course I am happy. He seems to have confirm me as the last final one. I have also promised him not to fool around anymore. After that big and sad argument we had, I have begining to change to a better partner. I slowly appreciate all the nice things he does for me. I will try to be less independent so he can be more manly. LAUGHS! He can tell that I have changed too.

According to him, his parents like me alot. They will ask him when am I coming over for dinner so his mom can cook broccoli for me. *shy* His parents are super nice to me. His mom even bought bak kwa on his behalf for me! I shall make some pineapples tart on friday after our shopping spree! I desperately need a new dark demin jeans.

He is damn scared to meet my dad because my dad got the mafia look. HAHAHA! So this year Chinese New Year will be a very interesting year. Cheers!

Counting down to Chinese New Year~ Friday, Saturday and SUNDAY!!!!

Off to drink some green tea for detox! Stay fruit vegan today!

Joelle Chewy

Random Meet Up
Wow I just met up with my Basketball senior Bryan the drifter last night. He just came back from his London trip and we randomly decided to meet up for a short catching up session. I have never spoken to him one to one before. Even during my secondary school times, I was never in his clique. I was always hanging out with my netballers. It feels weird to meet up with him and talking to him in person like a casual friend. Like what he says it is cool right? Yah it is cool but it caught me off guard. Laughs. Should have taken some photos with him as memories. I think the last time i saw him was in secondary school and it was like 8 or 9 years ago. Goodness!!! So long ago. Han wei and Genghis both think he is a hunter. Hunting for girls on Facebook and I caught his attention. Very interesting right? How friends can suddenly appear out of nowhere? At least I have found myself a new friend in my life. Good new addition to my friend list. It is not a loss for me. :D

Yes I am going Genting this Saturday! Cold weather and short getaway from work! Yes taking half day time off so I can do my pretty nails at Katong. I think I shall do something sweet.


This is sweet right? Polka dot on just the tip of the nails. Should I try pastel colours? Black and white looks very bold and striking. Or should I do glitters again?
I shall ask my manicurist for more suggestion.
Oh yes I am finally going to perm my hair next Tuesday. I want it to be like beach wave perm. I just want more volume so it does not look so boring and flat. I hope the auntie won't screw up my hair and make me look like "auntie". If my hair got screwed up, I sure cut my hair short. Wahaha. I am joking.

Happy me.

Joelle Chewy

(no subject)
Yes I tendered my resignation today. From tomorrow onwards, I am serving my one month notice. Sadly I am unable to rest before I start my new job at Paya Lebar. It is alright and you know why? Because my first day falls on a Friday. Everyone should be pretty chillax. I can't wait to start new.

Nope I am still not losing any more weight. I am trying to run 3-4 times a week. I ran yesterday and rest tonight because my running buddy went to cut his hair. Lost my motivation and drive to run. Tomorrow will be a eat clean day because I have plans after work. Thursday and Friday are school days T^T Saturday and Sunday morning shall be occupied with my jog to the reservoir. Stay Clean!!


new chapter new begining

Hello I am back to blog about my boring life.

I've been through alot lately. Especially from November till to date, I am still going through some personal matters.

One of the matters, would be that I am single and available again. After one year, things are still not working out the way I wanted. I got tired of arguing, explaining and changing. I think I try to change him in many ways too but it is all for his good but changing one person life is not easy and simple and may not be right as well. So we moved on.

Recently, I just saw a photo of A and his new gf on Facebook. Impacted me big time. I dedicated more than 4 years of my time on him and I still received a "NO" from him when I asked for a patchup. Hurt my pride and my feelings. Guys are **** up. It is okay. I move on. Now I truly treasure and appreciate my friends more than i used to and of course my all time favourite darling latte.

Just today, I lost my latte buddy over BGR issue. I listened to my mom's wise words. "take my time" I believe her and I knew the choice I made is right. It is also right choice for the both parties. Foresees the problems that might surface once we have settled down and having those ridiculous arguments and endless fights. He may give in to me most of the time but it wont make the matter go away.

He is a nice caring guy but I am of no condition to get attached. I should not hold him back. I apologised for all these times that I have misled him to this point. I think I am a boy at heart and a girl on the outside. I realised something funny, my relationship lasts longer when i love him more than he love me. I'm such a bitch. I don't know why I am like that. Mad woman. Asking for trouble and yet complain so much. Laughs.

All I know is that I want to train hard and get my dream body.  Once I have achieved my goal and If a nice guy comes by when I ready for love, I will not hesitate and go for it.

Current Weight   : 54.8 Kg
27th Jan Goal     : 53.8 Kg
3rd Feb Goal      : 52.8 Kg
10th Feb Goal    : 51.5 Kg
Beauty Weight    : 50    Kg

New week New weight goal. Must achieve my goals with the right eating habits and exercise regime. By end of 12th Feb, my true yoga membership is over. I may wanna try fitness first for a week to see if I can make full use of the membership cost. Lets work hard and train hard. :D

Me 001Motivation1

Adios my mates.

Miss me.

Joelle Chewy

I am utterly disappointed by myself. I gained weight like alot. I am now 56 kg which is 123.2 pounds. I decided to stop cooking for my lunch and stop running every available evening. Now I am struggling to lose those stupid pounds i have gained in that 2 weeks. I have been 56kg for 2 weeks and counting.

I am going back to my salad diet and cooking my own lunch diet plan. Although it is tiring to stay up to prepare but you see it is all worth it, i lose weight. But previously I did not know it will be that damaging to my body!!! If I had known the consequences, I would not have stopped it.

NOW IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE. I AM FAT AGAIN. WITH SUPER BIG TUMMY WHEN I SIT DOWN AND THOSE FLABBY THIGHS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND. I am going to get back on the healthy and eat clean tracks for all my 3 meals. No cheatday until I am back to square1 as in 53 kg state. Please stab me! Look at me and my current photos.

Look at my huge tummy. I really feel like dying. I just wanna stay home and starve. But of course I wont, that will be a sickness. Anyway I am ashamed of myself and how weak i was to give up my diet plans just like that. Yes.. I have no more thigh gaps. Say good bye to skinny thighs. Sigh. Disappointed. I will update one week later after I have consumed one week of my salad diet and one week of usual nike training workout. This time I will not stop until I am 50 kg. :D


Fat Burning Progress
Hello my friends,

I have started something new! I have just started to run (high-intensity jog/sprint) in the early morning 6.30am. Today is my 1st day doing so, I hope do this monday to friday for the whole September. :D

I have not been doing much of my usual exercise workout because I realised I need to lose all my fats before I can train for my perfect abs. It was pretty demoralising to know that regardless how many sit-up or crunches I do everyday, I won't be able to get my perfect abs because I have too much tummy fats that are covering my muscles. So I decided to lose my fats through my running workout first and then work hard on my abs. :D

I may not be dropping much in terms of kilograms because I might be gaining mass in the fat burning process. I believe the shape of my thighs and tummy will be much slimmer than before. :D

I do have a photo of my tummy in the last few posts so I shall post one on my thigh and maybe end of the month I will post another to compare. Here is my current thunder thighs!


I need to schedule my time properly in order to make it for my early morning run. I have to prepare for lunch every night and wake up early for my run every morning. It is very tiring but fitness and fat burning is not a chore, it is part of my life.

Stay healthy people! Eat Clean!

Joelle Chewyy

Fitness Progress
It is already Thursday! :) One more working day to weekends! Weekends mean eating good food. I hope I am able to stick to my fat free and oil free diet. Maybe exceptional for Friday dinner. So far, I have been eating salad for breakfast and lunch for a period of time and now I have changed my breakfast from salad to bread and egg mayo. The egg mayo is made from 2 eggs and one teaspoon of mayo. I managed to prepare like 7 sandwiches with that 2 eggs, kind of amazing. I would have them for breakfast or snack when i am having cravings.
JoelleFitness 003

Today Lunch! I spent quite some time preparing it last night. The worst thing is that the gas ran out when i was boiling the potatoes and frrying the garlic. Goodness! I had to depend on my conventional oven to cook the rest of the food but it still turns out yummy! I will bring this to work and heat it up using the microwave. The potatoes were fabulous. I put a tiny bit of butter on the potatoes to make it a little more tasty and for the prawns too.
JoelleFitness 001

This is my tummy after yesterday's workout. I should be taking photos of my tummy in the morning, the pictures will be much brighter.
JoelleFitness 002

Anyway, I think I will be updating my blog more often about what I cooked and eat and how is my progress. :) I cant wait to cook my salmon for lunch. Yummy!

Joelle chewy


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